LuLaRoe Amber Jones

LuLaRoe Amber Jones

Today’s LuLaRoe consultant hales from the east coast. Amber Marie Jones is a LuLaRoe consultant from South Carolina. While she sets her home base in South Carolina, Amber has customers spanning all across the US. On Amber’s page you will find fun things like Leggings Roulette which is loved by most LuLa addicts and other games to keep those LuLaRoe enthusiast begging for more.

Looking at Amber’s shopping page you would be amazed at the inventory she has. But you need inventory like that if you have 70,000 plus members of your group.

Laura D-  I love leggings roulette and often find myself getting too excited and buying wayyyy to much.

Nicole B- Amber is amazing! Did I say amazing? She is great at displaying her inventory and always, always has something to fit your style. Seems like I am buying something weekly. Wow now that as I am writing this, I think I have a problem, ha.

To shop LuLaRoe Amber Jones join her group by clicking this LINK.

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LuLaRoe Lindsey Wheeler

Today’s blonde beauty has been around for about three years and holds many accolades in the LuLaRoe realm. Who else are we talking about other than LuLaRoe’s own, Lindsey Wheeler! Lindsey is a LuLaRoe consultant out of the great state of Washington. Lyndsey is sassy and keeps her social media followers entertained to say the least. And by followers I mean FOLLOWERS.  Most would consider Lyndsey a veteran of LuLaRoe now selling clothing for about three years and with that time Lyndsey has gained a massive following on Facebook and Instagram.

Lindsey is always posting pictures of herself wearing the lovely threads that she sells. What better way to sell your product other than to show it off on! Lindsey is always showing how to style LuLaRoe and how to wear it out on the town.

I think Lindsey’s strong point is she really understands social media and how to use it to her advantage. She is clever with the usage of hashtags and where and when to utilize them.

I for one am a fan of the gorgeous Sarah’s Lindsey carries. I bought two and plan on buying more. She is great also when it comes to customer service and always willing to bend over backwards to answer questions. But man, with all the customers she has I don’t see how she keeps up! Better her than me.

Lindsey Wheeler is a force to be reckoned with and is a name enshrined in the confines of LuLaRoe royalty.

To shop LuLaRoe Lindsey Wheeler join her group by clicking this LINK.

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LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider

This week’s LuLaRoe consultant is a southern belle living in the desert of New Mexico. After speaking with many others and buying from Robyn, she definitely has an eye for fashion! Robyn’s outfit of the day posts are amazing and will have your wallet hating you by the time you scroll down her newsfeed.

Robyn hasn’t been around that long but slowly making her way to becoming one of LuLaRoe’s top consultants. Robyn keeps her followers engaged by posting enough to not annoy you but just enough to keep you wanting more. A quote from one of her customers “when I see a notification from Robyn’s Facebook group, I know it’s going to be good.”

While New Mexico seems saturated with LuLaRoe consultants, Robyn ranks amongst the top according to many of her customers local and far.

Robyn carries the LuLaRoe Carly, LuLaRoe Leggings, LuLaRoe Perfect T, LuLaRoe Irma, LuLaRoe Classic, LuLaRoe Randy, LuLaRoe Cassie, LuLaRoe Monroe, LuLaRoe Lindsay, and a conglomerate of others.

Tracey from Boston, MA said- Robyn is one of my favorite consultants and I am always anxious to see her live sales. I love how she portrays the clothes in photos as you always know exactly what you are getting. I think that is real problem with many of the other LuLaRoe consultants I follow. Other consultants have too many things going on around the clothes and it’s just too distracting and takes away from the real reason you are there.

Martha from Idaho says – I was new to LuLaRoe and had no luck with getting help from local consultants. Robyn took the time to work with me to help me figure out sizing, styles, and I’ve been so happy with my purchases. She is patient and takes the time to meet the needs of each customer.

To shop LuLaRoe Robyn Vollenweider join her group by clicking this LINK.

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