LuLaRoe Amber Jones

LuLaRoe Amber Jones

Today’s LuLaRoe consultant hales from the east coast. Amber Marie Jones is a LuLaRoe consultant from South Carolina. While she sets her home base in South Carolina, Amber has customers spanning all across the US. On Amber’s page you will find fun things like Leggings Roulette which is loved by most LuLa addicts and other games to keep those LuLaRoe enthusiast begging for more.

Looking at Amber’s shopping page you would be amazed at the inventory she has. But you need inventory like that if you have 70,000 plus members of your group.

Laura D-  I love leggings roulette and often find myself getting too excited and buying wayyyy to much.

Nicole B- Amber is amazing! Did I say amazing? She is great at displaying her inventory and always, always has something to fit your style. Seems like I am buying something weekly. Wow now that as I am writing this, I think I have a problem, ha.

To shop LuLaRoe Amber Jones join her group by clicking this LINK.

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