LuLaRoe Lindsey Wheeler

Today’s blonde beauty has been around for about three years and holds many accolades in the LuLaRoe realm. Who else are we talking about other than LuLaRoe’s own, Lindsey Wheeler! Lindsey is a LuLaRoe consultant out of the great state of Washington. Lyndsey is sassy and keeps her social media followers entertained to say the least. And by followers I mean FOLLOWERS.  Most would consider Lyndsey a veteran of LuLaRoe now selling clothing for about three years and with that time Lyndsey has gained a massive following on Facebook and Instagram.

Lindsey is always posting pictures of herself wearing the lovely threads that she sells. What better way to sell your product other than to show it off on! Lindsey is always showing how to style LuLaRoe and how to wear it out on the town.

I think Lindsey’s strong point is she really understands social media and how to use it to her advantage. She is clever with the usage of hashtags and where and when to utilize them.

I for one am a fan of the gorgeous Sarah’s Lindsey carries. I bought two and plan on buying more. She is great also when it comes to customer service and always willing to bend over backwards to answer questions. But man, with all the customers she has I don’t see how she keeps up! Better her than me.

Lindsey Wheeler is a force to be reckoned with and is a name enshrined in the confines of LuLaRoe royalty.

To shop LuLaRoe Lindsey Wheeler join her group by clicking this LINK.

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