LuLaRoe Mitchell De Leeuw


Today’s LuLaRoe consultant hales from the west coast. Mitchell De Leeuw is a fairly new LuLaRoe consultant . While he sets his home base on the west coast, Mitchell has customers in surrounding territories as well. On Mitchell’s page you will find fun things like Leggings Roulette which is loved by most LuLa addicts and other games to keep those LuLaRoe enthusiast begging for more.

It’s great we have men who represent the brand in today’s modern age! If you want a mans view of this clothing line, Mitchell is your man.

Laura D-  I love leggings roulette and often find myself getting too excited and buying wayyyy to much.

To shop LuLaRoe Mitchell De Leeuw join his group by clicking this LINK.

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